What are the characteristics of bar chairs?
The bar chair is divided into the material of the sitting surface, and can be divided into hard leather bar chair, PU leather soft bag, acrylic, ABS, rattan?, wood, etc. It mainly depends on where you use it, and the bar chairs needed in different environments are also different.
It is best to pay attention to the quality of the air rod when buying a bar chair. Domestic air rods are divided into three levels. The three-level air rod is the best and the safest. It is certified by the international SGS and has a steel stamp on it.
When buying a bar chair, you need to consider the height issue. Whether it is a bar table or a chair, there are height requirements. And for the style type, there is a certain uniqueness in the design. Whether it is personalized customization or ordinary customization, we must pay attention to the height and type of the bar table top, which is directly related to the matching problem of the chair, so we need to consider the use environment when purchasing.