The role of car repair deck
A lying board for repairing vehicles, in particular a lying board dedicated to repairing vehicles, belongs to a supporting tool for vehicle repairs. It is composed of a set of U-shaped bottom beams, a bed frame fixed on both sides of a set of bottom beams, a back cushion laid on the bottom beam, and several rollers evenly distributed on the bed frame. The bed frame has Two pairs, each pair of bed frames are connected by inner and outer connecting plates; a locking mechanism is provided on the bottom beam in the middle. The mechanism is composed of a lock pin sleeve, a shaft sleeve positioning plate, a shaft sleeve, a spring, a locking shaft, and a dial button. The utility model is not only convenient for folding and storing when not in use, so as to reduce the occupied area, but also can realize the lock when in use.
It does not need welding or riveting, and all parts such as the lying pad and the bracket equipped with rollers can be integrated into one body, which is disassembled and dismembered during transportation to save packaging and transportation space, as well as reduce storage and transportation costs;
The lying board for car repair has a folding function, which can also save space and help storage and transportation;
The lying board for auto repair can adjust the height of the pillow as needed by setting the pillow adjusting mechanism, which is beneficial to improve the comfort of the operator;
For another example, the disclosed lying board for car repair has a quick effect of disassembling and installing the front and rear bed frames. Further, the lying board realizes the height adjustment of the headrest by setting the headrest adjustment mechanism. Since there is no adjustment handle, it does not Interference will occur when the repairer is working.
In the process of repairing vehicles, it is inevitable that there are situations in which parts or larger and heavier tools are used, which are particularly frequently involved in vehicle repair departments. Therefore, if the lying board for repairing a vehicle can move corresponding objects as needed in addition to its own function for the repairer to lie down, it can not only improve the operation effect, but also reduce the labor intensity of the operators and even reduce the labor input.